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MVP School of Sports Programs

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Highly competitive winter league for girls in grades 2- 7


7-week spring instructional and competitive program for girls in grades 4-8

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Summer camps for boys and girls in grades 3 - 8

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Individual Training with Coach Palmer

Weaknesses are identified and turned into strengths

The extra time you spend in the gym can help you make the team, propel you ahead of those who play in front of you, or set you apart as one of the best players in the area, region, classification or state. Athleticism can make you a competitive player, but being fundamentally sound can increase your versatility and value. It is important to evaluate your skill level and determine what goal you want to achieve as a player (i.e., make the team, start varsity, play college basketball, etc).

Since everyone’s goals, abilities, experience and ages are different, Coach Palmer’s one-on-one sessions are designed to give each player the individual attention needed to improve their basketball ability and take their game to the next skill level. Sessions focus on identifying weaknesses and developing strategies and drills in an individual workout that will improve each weakness until it is a strength. Sessions are intense but positive and the player is pushed hard to accomplish their goal of improving their skill level. The player must show up with PASSION, POISE and PURPOSE – these three things are not provided.

From defense to offense, the player is evaluated and given instruction so they can progress and improve. Catch and pivot, free throw shooting, defense, ball-handling, quickness, stamina, movement without the ball, shooting with and without the dribble, low post moves, as well as other aspects of the game of basketball are evaluated and improved upon each training session. Sessions are personal and designed to take the time allotted to improve that player’s skill level and develop confidence and consistency in their abilities so they can advance in the game of basketball, and meet their personal basketball goals.



"I have worked countless hours in the gym with Coach Palmer and he pushed me to be the best I could be.  He helped me letter as a Freshman at Loganville High School.  I'm SO THANKFUL for his help."

Caroline Hughes, Loganville High Varsity Basketball

"Coach Palmer has trained me from seventh grade till I was a senior in high school.  We would have rigorous sessions to help me further my skills, whether it was running bleachers with medicine balls outside or dribbling with tennis balls.  He helped me achieve my ultimate goal to play college basketball.  I now play basketball at Piedmont College thanks to Coach Palmer and his intense training."

Kelly Ackerman, Piedmont College (formerly Loganville High)

"Training sessions with Coach Palmer have challenged me to do my best and have helped my ball handling skills and shooting form improve.  I enjoy training with him because he encourages me and pushes me to my athletic limits."

Julia Peroni, Oconee High School Varsity Starter

"Coach Palmer has helped me as an individual to grow to be the basketball player I am today.  I have strived to become better in all aspects of playing because of him.  He sees potential in every player he coaches and encourages them to reach it.  Often he would ask, "Who is the best player on the court?"  He was not looking for fingers to be pointed at someone else.  He was looking for you to tell him that you are the best player.  Coach Palmer always wanted everyone to be the best basketball player they could be and be confident about it.  Outside of basketball, he wants you to grow as a person.  At the end of our Cagers Basketball season one year, he gave each girl on the team a devotional book with a personal message inside.  This was his way of telling us that when you weren't working to get better at basketball, you can be working to get better in other aspects of your life."

Campbell Ball, Oconee High School

Find your better.  Download Coach Palmer's Basketball Training Guides:



1. Love the Game
The biggest reason boys and girls play any sport is because they love it. MVP Sports provides programs that challenge players in an enjoyable way. Too many young players burn out of their sport when pressed to take it too seriously, without a needed emphasis on enjoying what they’re doing.

2. Improve Individual Skills
At MVP, our goal is to get each player ready to try for the sports goals he or she desires to achieve. We aim to make each of our players the best at his or her position. We plan every practice and workout with these individual goals in mind.

Whether your son or daughter has a storybook scholastic career or never makes a single team, the sport they love can be enjoyed well into their life on a recreational level, organized and non-organized.

3. Learn Teamwork
An often overlooked goal, we stress teamwork HEAVILY. Sports, more than anything in life, is about the team over the individual. A team with less talent, effectively working together can outperform a team with more individual talent.

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