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We play by GHSA rules with 2 exceptions: 


• 12 point lead - No full court press for team in the lead (1/2 court only).  Press can be reinstated at 10 point lead.

• NO PRESS in 2nd Grade Division


Ball Size:

28.5 4th through 7th grade

27.5 3rd Division (3rd/4th)

27.5 2nd Grade Division (2nd/3rd)

Coaches are responsible for bringing warm-up balls for their team.


Goal Height:

10 ft-regulation

8.5 ft for 2nd Division (2nd/3rd)

Free Throw Line:

2nd and 3rd (2nd/3rd and 3rd/4th) free throw line is the second dash from the real free throw line

4th and 4th/5th is the first dash from the free throw line

All other divisions use the real free throw line

Time: (clock is regulation in 2nd and 4th quarters under 1 minute)

7th (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

6th (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

5th (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

4th (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

3rd (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

2nd (4) 8-minute running clock quarters


3 minutes for Half-time and 2 minutes for 1st Overtime (if necessary). 

Second Overtime is Sudden Death (first team to score wins).


Time Outs:

2 full (1 minute) timeouts per half. They do NOT carry over.


1 Head Coach and 1 Assistant Coach


No exceptions

a)  No additional coaches/parents behind, beside or on the bench

b)  More than 2 Coaches on the bench will result in:

     •1st offense = Warning

     •2nd or more offenses = Technical foul


Clock Operator-home team or Bookkeeper (both teams’ books)-visiting team


Each team will provide a clock operator OR a bookkeeper for each game.

We ask that coaches identify the individual prior to game time.



$5.00 for adults and $3.00 for kids

  1. Coaches –1 Head Coach, 1 Assistant and one clock operator/bookkeeper per team will be admitted for free but must sign in at the admission table.

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