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We play by GHSA rules except where governing rules prevail.  

NOTE:  One new GHSA rule change for this year is no more 1 and 1, you will shoot 2 free throws on the 5th foul.


Ball Size:

28.5 4th grade through 7th grade

27.5 3rd grade Division (2nd/3rd); 8 1/2 foot goal

Coaches are responsible for bringing warm-up balls for their team.


Goal Height:

10 ft - regulation

8.5 ft for 2nd Division (2nd/3rd)

Free Throw Line:

2nd and 3rd (2nd/3rd and 3rd/4th) free throw line is the second dash from the real free throw line.

4th and 4th/5th is the first dash from the free throw line.

All other divisions use the real free throw line.

Time (clock is regulation in 2nd and 4th quarters under 1 minute):

  • 7th (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

  • 6th (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

  • 5th (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

  • 4th (4) 10-minute running clock quarters

  • 3rd (4) 8-minute running clock quarters

3 minutes for Half-time and 2 minutes for 1st Overtime (if necessary). 

Second Overtime is Sudden Death (first team to score wins).



No full court press allowed after 12-point lead. One warning, then a technical on the Coach will be assessed.

No full court press will be allowed in 3rd grade division.

Time Outs:

2 full (1 minute) timeouts per half. They do NOT carry over.


1 Head Coach and 1 Assistant Coach


No exceptions:

a)  No additional coaches/parents behind, beside or on the bench.

b)  More than 2 Coaches on the bench will result in:

     •1st offense = Warning

     •2nd or more offenses = Technical foul

In addition to the stated purposes of the Code of Conduct of the NEGFL, it will be strictly against the policy of the NEGFL for any person either as player, spectator, or coach to:

  • Engage in arguments or unprivileged touching of an official, coach, participant, or NEGFL representative;

  • To use abusive or foul language;

  • To harass officials.


Coaches are also responsible for reviewing and enforcing this Code of Conduct with their players and parents.

If a coach or player receives either 2 technical fouls, a flagrant foul or is ejected from a game, they will be suspended for at least one game thereafter.

Clock Operator-home team or Bookkeeper (both teams’ books)-visiting team


Each team will provide a clock operator OR a bookkeeper for each game.

We ask that coaches identify the individual prior to game time.

Regular season standings will be used to determine the tournament seeding.



$5.00 for adults and $3.00 for kids

  1. Coaches –1 Head Coach, 1 Assistant and one clock operator/bookkeeper per team will be admitted for free but must sign in at the admission table.

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